This is a little place I've cooked up to store my artwork. It is mainly intended for my own personal use so I can easily access and study my drawings, but finally, I thought it might be entertaining to other people too.

I hope you'll enjoy looking at them like I enjoyed making them. If you do, come back often, I will keep adding stuff...

Comic related


Limitless power and
THIS is what he chose
to wear...

Captain Britain


Decisions, decisions...

Iron Man

Namor the Sub-Mariner


Thor Corps

Thor and Orion
dedicated to
Walter Simonson


Seasons Greetings
from two of my favorite characters

Farewell to Orion
dedicated to
Walter Simonson

What Trolls think of
modern day marketting...

Orion and Kalibak
Duking it out

Captain Harlock
(Albator in french)
Visiting his friend
Toshiro's grave

Venting some of his
perpetual inner turmoil

Super Constructionman

Captain Harlock
(Albator in french)


Role Playing Game Material I have illustrated

Dragon Mystique


Mystère X



Miscellaneous stuff...

Made for my buddy Donar

Scary Clown

Thorgul Stonefist

Duncan the Mad

Portrait inspired by
The Running Man

Thor vs. Jormungand


Splitting Headache

Gaul Warrior

Knight with big hammer

Barbarian King


Banners I made


In the line of duty - stuff I was being paid to do
Toons produced for a news site for the construction industry in Quebec

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The likeness of Captain Harlock is the property of Leiji Matsumoto.

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Arnold's face is his and his alone...